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Healthy City Lab / About Us

Welcome to the website of Professor Sayeh Bayat's research group at the University of Calgary, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our team is dedicated to exploring human-centred machine learning, and digital and data-driven technologies. Our focus is on pioneering personalized solutions, developing innovative care models, and accelerating research leading to groundbreaking innovations.

The changing human-environment relationship reveals significant information about people's health and well-being. As digital information grow in our cities, new approaches to studying the interconnectivity between the human-environment relationship and human health are emerging.

At the same time, the worldwide urbanization process and the ageing population are representing new challenges for cities and governments. The cities are looking for ways to provide services to their citizens in an effective and efficient manner.

The mission of the Healthy City Lab – a research team directed by Dr. Sayeh Bayat – is to study this interconnectivity through digital technology, advanced data analytics and human-centred machine learning.  Our mission is to work toward intelligent, scalable and sustainable technological solutions.

Lab News

Our commitment 

The UCalgary's Healthy City Lab is committed to the principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. We encourage applications from all under-represented groups. It is through diverse perspectives and abilities that we see all possible answers to a problem. Apply today and join us in our mission of making our cities and healthcare systems more diverse and inclusive.

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Visit us

Department of Geomatics Engineering

University of Calgary

Schulich School of Engineering

Room 221, 2500 University Drive NW,

Calgary, AB, Canada  T2N 1N4

E: sayeh.bayat[at]ucalgary[dot]ca

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