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Researched Apps Used in Dementia Care for People Living With Dementia and Their Informal Caregivers: Systematic Review on App Features, Security, and Usability

Bing Ye, Charlene H Chu, Sayeh Bayat, Jessica Babineau, Tuck-Voon How, Alex Mihailidis

Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) 2023

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Everyday Driving and Plasma Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Expand Our Diagnostic Toolkit

Sayeh Bayat, Catherine M Roe, Suzanne Schindler, Samantha A Murphy, Jason M Doherty, Ann M Johnson, Alexis Walker, Beau M Ances, John C Morris, Ganesh M Babulal

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 2023


Cognitive and brain reserve predict decline in adverse driving behaviors among cognitively normal older adults

Samantha A Murphy, Ling Chen, Jason M Doherty, Prerana Acharyya, Noah Riley, Ann M Johnson, Alexis Walker, Hailee Domash, Maren Jorgensen, Sayeh Bayat, David B Carr, Beau M Ances, Ganesh M Babulal

Frontiers in Psychology 2022

Image by Dan Gold

Driving assessment in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease: progress to date and the path forward

Sayeh Bayat, Catherine M Roe

Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2022


Adverse driving behaviors increase over time as a function of preclinical Alzheimer's disease biomarkers

Jason M Doherty, Samantha A Murphy, Sayeh Bayat, Julie K Wisch, Ann M Johnson, Alexis Walker, Suzanne E Schindler, Beau M Ances, John C Morris, Ganesh M Babulal

Alzheimer's & Dementia 2022


Neuropsychological correlates of changes in driving behavior among clinically healthy older adults

Andrew J Aschenbrenner, Samantha A Murphy, Jason M Doherty, Ann M Johnson, Sayeh Bayat, Alexis Walker, Yasmin Peña, Jason Hassenstab, John C Morris, Ganesh M Babulal

The Journals of Gerontology: Series B 2022


An event-based model and a map visualization approach for spatiotemporal association relations discovery of diseases diffusion

Roya Habibi, Ali Asghar Alesheikh, Sayeh Bayat

Sustainable Cities and Society 2022

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Driving, Social Distancing, Protective, and Coping Behaviors of Older Adults Before and During COVID-19

Catherine M. Roe, Sayeh Bayat, Jamie Hicks, Ann M Johnson, Samantha Murphy, Jason M. Doherty, Ganesh M. Babulal

Journal of Applied Gerontology 2022


GPS Driving: A Digital Biomarker for Preclinical Alzheimer Disease

Sayeh Bayat, Ganesh M. Babulal, Suzanne E. Schindler, Anne M. Fagan, John C. Morris, Alex Mihailidis, Catherine M. Roe

Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2021

Image by Linda Söndergaard

Outdoor Life in Dementia: How predictable are people with dementia in their mobility?

Sayeh Bayat and Alex Mihailidis.

Alzheimer's & Dementia: DADM 2021


A GPS-based Framework for Understanding Outdoor Mobility Patterns of Older Adults with Dementia: An Exploratory Study

Sayeh Bayat, Gary Naglie, Mark Rapoport, Elaine Stasiulis, Michael J Widener and Alex Mihailidis.

Gerontology 2021


Bringing the ‘Place’ to Life Space in Gerontology Research

Sayeh Bayat, Michael J Widener and Alex Mihailidis.

Gerontology 2021


Inferring Destinations and Activity Types of Older Adults From GPS Data: Algorithm Development and Validation

Sayeh Bayat, Gary Naglie, Mark Rapoport, Elaine Stasiulis, Belkacem Chikhaoui and Alex Mihailidis.


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