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Taking Notes


The DTHC conference aims to establish clear guidelines for abstract submissions and presentations to streamline the review process and facilitate effective decision-making, ensuring a successful and productive conference experience for all participants.

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1- Number of Submissions

Authors are permitted to present a maximum of one oral presentation and one poster presentation as the first author, allowing for equitable distribution of speaking opportunities and poster sessions among contributors. This policy ensures that all authors have the chance to showcase their work effectively and engage with the audience in both formats.

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2- Format

The abstract format for submissions to the DTHC conference comprises several essential sections, including:

Title; Background; Aims; Methods; Results; Conclusion; References 

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3- Word Count

Abstracts are restricted to a maximum word count of 3000 characters (excluding spaces), promoting concise communication of the study's core objectives and outcomes. This encourages authors to distil their findings into clear and succinct language, ensuring that essential information is conveyed effectively within the constraints of the abstract format.

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4- References

Abstracts are limited to a maximum of three references to ensure brevity and focus on the primary findings of the study. Use Numbered referencing style. 

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