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Healthy City Lab / Team / Behnaz Jafari

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Behnaz Jafari

PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering 

Having graduated from the University of Calgary's Biostatistics program in 2020, I worked as a research assistant and data analyst at the Cumming School of Medicine and Alberta Health Services. With a background in Computer Engineering, I've honed my programming skills across various languages and databases. In 2022, I embarked on a Ph.D. journey in Biomedical Engineering. My passion lies in developing statistical and machine-learning models for healthcare applications. Beyond academics, I find joy in playing squash, running, swimming, and cherishing moments with friends and family.


My primary objective is to employ artificial neural networks to extract meaningful spatial and temporal features from fMRI and EEG data. This innovative approach will enable us to unravel the intricate relationship between brain structure, function, and connectivity associated with neurodegenerative diseases. By doing so, I aspire to not only deepen our understanding of the disease mechanisms but also to develop a robust framework for monitoring disease progression over time.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, University of Azad - Tehran

  • Master of Science in Biostatistics, University of Calgary

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