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Healthy City Lab / Team / Armin Ghayur Sadigh 


I joined the Healthy City Lab in 2023 as a PhD student after receiving my MSc. My main area of interest and experience is in the application of Machine/Deep learning and AI in spatio-temporal problems. I developed skills in programming, database management, numerical modelling, and Geospatial Information Systems during my studies, which I employed in my course projects and academic research. I have studied natural hazard susceptibility modelling and time-series forecasting in my research projects, and I aspire to explore fields that can help improve the quality of human life.



  • BSc in Geomatics Eng., University of Zanjan

  • MSc in GIS, K.N. Toosi University of Technology

Armin Ghayur Sadigh 

PhD Student, Geomatics Engineering 

Co-supervisor: Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis

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