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Healthy City Lab / Team / Raya Hafezifar


Raya Hafezifar

MSc Student, Geomatics Engineering

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I joined the Healthy City Lab as a Geomatics Engineering MSc student in January 2022. I have experience in Geospatial Intelligent System (GIS), databases and data mining methods. Throughout my studies, I have been involved in various projects on Spatial Data Science, ranging from analyzing trajectory data for developing a web mapping application to mining frequent patterns for trip purpose prediction. In the summer of 2021, through the Mitacs Accelerate Explore program, I worked on creating smart forms for immigration applications by applying Artificial intelligence methods. 



I analyze naturalistic driving data from older adults, exploring how various aspects of the built environment affect older adults’ driving behaviour. This research  provides insights for future studies, emphasizing the significance of incorporating 
built environment measures in investigating the naturalistic driving behaviour of older adults.


  • BSc in Surveying and Geomatics Engineering, University of Tehran

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