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The ROADSkills Study

Supporting older adults to remain safe behind the wheel for as long as possible

This is the first study to examine the acceptability and feasibility of the Refreshing Older Adult Driving Skills (ROADSkills) program that has been developed and tested by partnering with seniors, driving instructors, and health professionals, to encourage safe driving in later life.

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Our Project

Drivers aged 65+ depend on their car to get to the places and see the people that are important to them. While older drivers are among the safest on the road, they have one of the highest risks of collision when distance is considered. This project builds on recent work completed by our research team that identified the most effective ways to improve driving among older adults. Using the latest technology, the current project will examine how this program can be customized to the needs of older adults and the resulting impact on their driving safety. Results from this work will inform a large, national study of the ROADSkills program in Canada.

Can leading-edge technology help us promote driving safety?

Are you an older driver (aged 56-74) from Hamilton, Ontario?

Interested in participating in the ROADSkills Study?

Recruitment begins soon. 

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Our Team

This project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation
2021-2022 Road Safety Research Partnership Program.

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